We've been busy

We sure have been busy both in WI and MN. Our MN people have saved a lot
of cats this last year. We have rescued a lot of kittens and a fair
number of cats, and did a lot of TNR over there, mostly in the St Paul
area. There were a lot of cats that were abandoned in apartments this
last year. We managed to find places for them to go. There were a lot of
cats that had to find new homes when owners had to move or owners died,
so we found places for them. They all got the best in vet care that we
could afford, all were spayed and neutered if they were not already. We
rehomed quite a few, mostly kittens as they are so hard to resist. We
helped a number of people get their pets spayed or neutered and got a
few family pets vet care that they couldn't afford, such as the little
siamese cat that broke a hip. We also lost a couple as we ran up against
an upper respiratory disease that was deadly to kittens. We saved as
many of them as we could, but it's so hard when you just can't help even
with the best in veterinary care behind you.

Now we have kitten season coming soon. We are already seeing cats in
heat, so it won't be long. At least we know none of the cats we spayed
last year or in previous years will be adding more kittens to the mix!