Thank you again!

We once again want to thank all the businesses that helped us with the last meat raffle. We've redone this page since and the thank you's got lost so we are posting them again. There are a few missing but we'll get them back ASAP

It was a wonderful success. It helped a lot of animals that really needed help! First and Foremost:

*Thank you UW Wanderoos Bar & Grill for hosting the event and helping with the meat and the UW Lions Club for donating meat!

Hope to see you all at the next Meat Raffle & Music at Wanderoos on Feb. 9th!!

*Farm and Tractor supply
*Fur-get-Me-Nots, St Croix Falls and Amery
*Lupine Kennels, Amery WI
*Great Clips, New Richmond
*Meaghan Golden Carnes-Scentsy
*Marie Abress-Wildtree
*Brenda Olson-Lia Sophia
*Kim's Massage
*Doris Hofmeister
*The old Store, Star Prairie