We've been busy

We sure have been busy both in WI and MN. Our MN people have saved a lot
of cats this last year. We have rescued a lot of kittens and a fair
number of cats, and did a lot of TNR over there, mostly in the St Paul
area. There were a lot of cats that were abandoned in apartments this
last year. We managed to find places for them to go. There were a lot of
cats that had to find new homes when owners had to move or owners died,
so we found places for them. They all got the best in vet care that we
could afford, all were spayed and neutered if they were not already. We
rehomed quite a few, mostly kittens as they are so hard to resist. We
helped a number of people get their pets spayed or neutered and got a
few family pets vet care that they couldn't afford, such as the little
siamese cat that broke a hip. We also lost a couple as we ran up against
an upper respiratory disease that was deadly to kittens. We saved as
many of them as we could, but it's so hard when you just can't help even
with the best in veterinary care behind you.

Now we have kitten season coming soon. We are already seeing cats in
heat, so it won't be long. At least we know none of the cats we spayed
last year or in previous years will be adding more kittens to the mix!

We are making progress!

We are busy trying to redo our website here and we hope to have our
Stray Feral adoptable cats listed, as well as the CatTown cats, within
the next week. There has been so much to do, working out details of our
new partnership, and so much for us to learn about! We are getting
things done, bit by bit, while keeping up with all the cats we needed to
get spayed and neutered in the last two week (22 of them) and keeping up
with the stray/feral colonies (we can do so much more for those cats
with our combined efforts).

Our adoptable galleries on this site will be up and running next week!

Thank you to everyone who has supported both of our groups in MN and WI
thru this transition and thank you so much to all those people who have
helped us with donations and time!

CatTown and Stray Feral Rescue

For the last couple years Stray Feral Rescue has been both our fiscal agent and our mentor. They have recently moved to a new location, and we are teaming up to work together!! We hope that it is going to be a wonderful collaboration! Each group has it's own strengths to contribute and we hope that we will be able to help a lot more cats.

There is a lot to do and a lot to learn for us all and we are finding that we have a lot of new options since we are now able to function in both MN and WI. It is amazing to us WI rescuers the resources available in the Twin Cities area. Since we started working together, we've already spayed and neutered a number of cats, done a few rescues, and we are working to set up a collaborative TNR effort in MN with another group. Getting the two organizations functioning smoothly together might take some work, but it seems like it is really going to pay off for the animals!

Executive Director

Come join us for the 3rd Annual St. Croix Petpalooza!

3rd Annual St. Croix Petapalooza!
Place:  Hoffman Park, River Falls
Time:  Noon to 4:00 PM.

Local pet related businesses such as groomers, veterinarians, trainers, and vendors will be there to help educate pet loving people about the care of their pets and responsible pet ownership. Food, live music, Hound Hike, raffles, and games for kids and dogs will make this event a fun time for all. 

For info:  St. Croix Petpalooza Blog

Tanya Borg is not CatTown!

There is still some confusion out there. Farm, Feral & Stray is not part of CatTown Rescue. Tanya Borg is not the director or the fundraising chairperson for CatTown. CatTown and Farm, Feral are independent and separate organizations. Tanya did work with CatTown in 2012 but as our missions and methods differed we separated.


Thank you again!

We once again want to thank all the businesses that helped us with the last meat raffle. We've redone this page since and the thank you's got lost so we are posting them again. There are a few missing but we'll get them back ASAP

It was a wonderful success. It helped a lot of animals that really needed help! First and Foremost:

*Thank you UW Wanderoos Bar & Grill for hosting the event and helping with the meat and the UW Lions Club for donating meat!

Hope to see you all at the next Meat Raffle & Music at Wanderoos on Feb. 9th!!

*Farm and Tractor supply
*Fur-get-Me-Nots, St Croix Falls and Amery
*Lupine Kennels, Amery WI
*Great Clips, New Richmond
*Meaghan Golden Carnes-Scentsy
*Marie Abress-Wildtree
*Brenda Olson-Lia Sophia
*Kim's Massage
*Doris Hofmeister
*The old Store, Star Prairie



As some of you might have heard, CatTown’s Farm, Feral & Stray project has left to become it’s own separate non-profit organization. Since the issues that Tanya has run into dealing with the free-roaming cats were beyond the scope of the CatTown mission we have agreed to separate the two programs.
CatTown will continue to do some smaller TNRs, do as many spays and neuters as we can drum up funds for, and will continue to care for CatTown colonies we have in Polk and St. Croix counties as well as the cats we have in foster. I don’t have Tanya’s talent for fundraising so I’m pretty sure our resources are going to drop, so please remember we have a whole lot of kitties relying on help from you and help if you can. We are currently feeding about 125 ferals and about 50 fosters and we are finding that we have an increasing number of disabled cats and cats with health problems which will make them less likely to find homes so they will be with us for a long time. We hope we will have your continued support.
On a happy note: Corrie the three legged cat found a home a couple weeks ago!


CatTown Rescue on TV??!!

Greetings Members,

CatTown Rescue’s Farm Feral & Stray program has an opportunity to have a TNR video spot run on a local Hudson cable TV station.  We need someone who has a video camera willing to help us film our presentation and put it on a CD to give to the station.

This would be a huge FREE boost to helping free-roaming cats and their caregivers to garner support for the program.

Anyone willing to help us produce this?  Please use the Contact form on the contact page and choose "Trap, Neuter, Return Program Questions" in the Subject dropdown and let us know please.  

Thanks to anyone that can help us out here.

Does TNR work?

When China hosted the Olympics in Bejing they removed all the feral cats from the city to make things look better. Two years later the city is once again over run with feral cats and to make things worse, many of those cats moved into the city from the surrounding farmlands because the city provided better food and shelter. Now they are rounding up city cats and creating what they call “cat armies” to take back to the farms which are now having horrible problems with rats and mice! They are also working to control the city cats through TNR since the trap and “remove” did not work. Nobody knows what happened to the cats they caught in the big city Olympic cleanup.


Meat Raffle to Benefit Wanderoo's Bar Strays!

It has been brought to our attention at CatTown Rescue that there are a large number of free-roaming cats and kittens around the Wanderoos bar that need to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Several members have brought us, and seen along the roadside to the bar, sick and dying kittens that were too late to help.

Please see our Events page for more information!


CatTown has kittens ready for adoption! Check them out!


TNR Grant Awarded to CatTown!!

CatTown Rescue is pleased to announce that through a collaboration with Stray Feral Rescue in St. Paul, MN, a PetSmart Charities® Free-Roaming Cat Spay/Neuter grant for $3,850.00 was awarded to the CatTown Rescue, “Farm, Feral & Stray” Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program.

This grant will enable us to provide seventy spay/neuter surgeries to Star Prairie area residents for their free-roaming cat population. Go to our TNR page under information to hear more!


Welcome to CatTown's new website!!

We aren't done yet but close! We have a few more things to do yet, such as our event scrapbook gallery. We are hoping that you might have ideas to send us too.

In here you will find information, tips, tricks, adoptable cats, and anything we can find that might be interesting.

MACC abandoned kittens update

Two weeks ago, CatTown’s Tanya agreed to give foster care to three 4-5 week old kittens rescued by Minneapolis Animal Care & Control. Her update:
The kittens are remarkable. They are growing fast and ceased hissing & spitting for the most part. Even getting them to purr now. They seem to be getting much more comfortable with attention and the tan & white one is even seeking it out. I’m pretty sure we have three females here.
Our TNR project last week saw a total of 5 cats spayed/neutered. One for CatTown St Croix Falls Farm and 4 from a small colony in River Falls, WI. Hopefully we will trap the last two in RF this week.


Thank you from CatTown's Rufus

Thanks to the generosity of those people who have become CatTown members in the last couple weeks, we were able to get dental work done for another of our cats! We will have his story and pictures on the website next week for you. Thank you! That’s 7 done, 8 to go!



Be happy and get a darn cat!


Brand New Site Coming Soon!

We're creating our brand new site and it should be live very soon.  Check here for details or you can check on:


We'll have much information about our current cats, great galleries for you to view them and ways for you to contribute.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope you like our new site!